Short description:

The existing, complex data warehouse (DWH) at the German retail subsidiary of a global corporation is to be rebuilt. In addition to the analysis options, the DWH is also to function as a company-wide data hub.


The data flows in the DWH to be created should be simplified and standardized compared to the existing solution. All data flows should be made easily monitorable. The connection of new sources to the DWH should be easy to implement. In addition, it should be possible to analyze incoming data well. Since the company already uses a Microsoft environment intensively, the DWH will be built based on SQL Server 2019. The data flows are implemented using PowerShell scripts, which are controlled by SQL Server agent jobs.

Technical description:

The goal is to build a clear, stable and easily supportable reporting system that also serves as a data hub between the various connected systems. Specific standard reports are automatically sent daily, weekly or monthly via HTML email. The HTML email itself is created via PowerShell.