For a company in the food wholesale trade, an application for digitizing the processing of inquiries and tenders is created. The aim of this project is to develop an application prototype that significantly accelerates the processing time of inquiries and tenders.


The application or prototype to be developed consists of a front end and a back end. In the web-based frontend, requests or tenders for food assortments are read in and forwarded to the backend via a REST-ful interface. Using search mechanisms (normalization, tokenizing) in the article database, suitable articles from the assortment are identified for each requested article in the backend. The article database is a NoSQL database, MongoDB, in which the data is stored in JSON format. When creating the frontend, JavaScript frameworks (React, Redux, Bootstrap) are used and the backend is created based on Java and Spring Boot.


The processing of customer enquiries and tenders is one of our customer's core business processes. In order to meet the increased demands of the market in terms of response time to inquiries, it replaces the current manual processing. The automated reading of requests and tenders into the application and further digital processing significantly reduce the processing time per request or tender. The time saved is used by our customer for a more intensive quality assurance of his offers and to participate in more tenders. A further advantage is that the clerks are relieved of monotonous activities.