Short description:

An existing Access application system for supporting business processes in occupational health and safety is to be replaced by modern technological approaches. In view of the structure of the system concerned, which has grown over decades, there is also a need to optimize the technical processes. This preliminary work is being carried out by the PTA in close coordination with the responsible persons and employees of the department.


MS Access is no longer one of the company's strategically supported technologies. However, critical processes of the department are currently operated on this IT infrastructure. Modernization is intended to minimize existing manual activities and media discontinuities in processing in the sense of comprehensive digitization of processes. Technical solution options are outlined as .NET Core Intranet applications and interfaces as well as SQL Server as data storage.

Technical description:

The existing historical data must be transferred to a new system as far as possible without any noticeable effects for the users. Furthermore, the acceptance of the adjustments by the management and the users involved in the future system plays an outstanding role in the success of the work.