Short description:

Power BI reports are developed for a BPMN software to provide user-friendly access to the database. Requirements will be engineered for the software vendor in order to custom build a direct Power BI interface to the database.


The customer uses the BPMN software Symbio Web to model the group-wide processes. In order to get an overview of the information of the processes, the software offers numerous and extensive exportable Excel reports. Together with the customer, customized Power BI reports with their own criteria are developed for the different user groups, which enable simple as well as intuitive access to the available models and the objects linked to them. With this knowledge, requirements and user stories are also created, with which the software manufacturer develops a direct Power BI interface to the database. For this purpose, this interface is tested in the current database together with the customer and feedback is returned to the manufacturer.

Technical description:

Depending on the user group, the Power BI reports have, among other things, the goals of preventing the obsolescence of the objects, e.g. processes, IT systems or controls, in the database, illustrating complex relationships such as the linking of different objects in a simple way or also enabling data analysis at a higher level. Users can reach these reports from the software as well as vice versa the objects in the BPMN software from the Power BI reports. This allows users to quickly identify relevant objects that have changed or become obsolete, for example, from a general overview.