Short description:

An existing system for managing customer contacts is being replaced by Microsoft Dynamics 365. The CRM system is initially created with standard settings. Since only a subset of the CRM functionality is actually required, a model-driven app is created that only contains the relevant data objects. In workshops, the customer is trained in the basic concepts of the CRM application and the use of the Dynamics basic functionality.


An essential part of the project is the migration of the legacy data into the new application. In some cases, manual data preparation and validation must be carried out here. To improve the user comfort of the data preparation, the legacy data exported as .csv files is first imported into MS Access and prepared. For manual post-processing (unique naming of customers and contacts, removal of redundancies, ...), processing lists are generated in MS Excel. These are checked and processed by the customer itself. Based on these lists, import files are then created in MS Excel that correspond to the standard import format of Dynamics.

Technical description:

The system is primarily used to manage customer communication via telephone and email. The Dynamics data objects Account, Contact and Activities are used. A simple authorization system based on the basic Dynamics functionality is mapped using user roles.