Short description:

Migration of customer master and customer contact data from a hierarchical to a relational database, coupled with the redesign of the applications. The redesign includes the introduction of a layered architecture and a more ergonomic user interface.


The migration was from a hierarchical IMS database to a relational DB2 database. The new architecture is a multi-layer architecture with presentation logic, a layer for functional logic and a data access layer. The entire application is implemented in PL/1. The aim of the architecture is to eliminate the monolithic program structure and to encapsulate associated functions in one object each.

Technical description:

The application is used to maintain customer master data and for entering customer contacts. The customer master data includes the corporate name, addresses and contacts, as well as various information about the customer's credit rating and invoicing. The contact data includes information about the type of contact and reason for it, and the persons involved. The application uses new and enhanced input checks to fulfill the aim of improved data quality.