Short description:

The client operates as a public transport association. For its end customers and partners, it offers a bonus program on the basis of which points can be collected for e.g. ticket purchases and redeemed by means of coupons. It offers passengers, i.e. their end customers, to participate in a bonus program and to collect points for e.g. ticket purchases. These can be redeemed for coupons, which are provided by partner companies or donated. The PTA implements the necessary extensions in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales System and implements the interfaces to the corresponding bonus program systems via REST APIs.


The customer uses background systems to control the bonus program, which supply all necessary data to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales System via interfaces. The REST API interface to Dynamics 365 and encapsulated REST API interface to Dynamics 365 Sales receives data on the points transactions (rewards and redemptions) as well as on the master data and opt-in settings of the end customers and stores these persistently in the Dataverse (CRM database). PTA GmbH adds required custom entities (customer flags, point movements, coupons, etc.) to the Dynamics 365 Sales System and enriches the standard entities used with additional fields. The forms of the entities are extended, workflows and plug-ins are programmed and all necessary views are provided. The Dynamics system serves as the basis for the email marketing automation with Optimizely, which is integrated into the CRM by PTA GmbH.

Technical description:

Passengers or end customers of the transport association can participate in a bonus programme in which they can collect points in the context of e.g. ticket purchases. The points can be redeemed for coupons provided by partner companies of the transport association. The customer uses the Dynamics 365 Sales System to map the downstream end customer processes. The data provides the basis for campaigns and e-mail marketing actions and extensive evaluations. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales System uses the data provided from the bonus programme background systems for this purpose.