Short description:

Preparing and carrying out a training course on the subject of interface programming / MS BizTalk Server/ MS.NET / programming in C#.


The training is intended to provide the customer with the opportunity to make use of PTA's experience in the area of the fundamentals of IT/interface problems and to make its own, well-grounded decisions regarding the integration of various IT systems (EAI) with the MS BizTalk server. Furthermore, current customer projects shall be implemented using .NET / C#. The customer wants to have the possibility of building up the relevant knowledge to become more independent of external services.

Technical description:

The training shall be divided into 5 subareas: 1. General problems with interface programming (e.g. job control, monitoring ...). 2. Using XML as a universal data format for interfaces (e.g. XML basics, data transformation, ...). 3. Integrating different operative applications using the MS BizTalk 2000 server (e.g. mapping, schedules, messaging, ...). 4. The fundamentals of object-oriented programming (e.g. UML, OO Design, software architectures, ...). 5. Workshop dialog programming using .NET ((.NET Framework, C#, ADO.NET).