Short description:

The customer would like to use third-party software to create planograms. This must be supplied with a variety of different master data. As part of the project, the data supply to the third-party provider and the processing of the created planograms are to be implemented.


Cloud run jobs in the Google Cloud are used to supply the third-party software. These are implemented with Quarkus in Kotlin and together form the route for data transformation. Various master data from different sources such as the mainframe, Kafka and REST interfaces are collected, processed and transferred to an Azure Blob Storage of the third-party provider. Furthermore, the created planograms are received from the third-party software via a REST interface, processed based on events and stored in the customer's internal systems. PTA supports the cross-functional Scrum team in software architecture and development.

Technical description:

The existing solution for creating planograms is to be replaced by standard software from another provider in order to enable more efficient planning of shelf layouts. The existing data supply will be checked for technical accuracy and expanded as part of the new implementation.