Short description:

The client supports retailers whose primary business is stationary retail, to also connect themselves to online marketplaces. This includes the import and export of product master and varialble data from a variety of sources, as well as processing the orders from different marketplaces. PTA supports the client in configuring the import and export processes, the implementation of transformation rules as well as data quality assurance.


The client is using a customized version of the novomind iPIM product information management system. This software provides automated data transformation utilizing mappings and low-code features, including regular expressions, to clean the product master data. In addition, it also provides tools to block specific products that do not comply with the data quality requirements.

Technical description:

The client works with retailers that want expand their primary business of stationary retail to e-commerce (ship-from-store). Every marketplace a retailer wishes to connect with has both legal and self-defined requirements on the content of the product data, as well as the format in which it is transmitted. Due to the large amounts of data, the import, export and validation processes have to be automated. These functionalities are covered by the product information management system, though each data source needs to be configured individually to ensure the standartisation of data.