Short description:

Converting a .NET based web application for evaluating all the essential sales and distribution information using the data warehouse structures provided.


As part of the project, reusable .NET components are created. These can be used to efficiently develop other dialog functions. In addition to this, the function ensures a standardized, structured dialog programming, which ensures that the DWH application can be maintained over many years. In addition to the purely technical functions for data access, user management, multiple languages and a help system, reusable dialog components are developed on the basis of user controls. All the components can be widely configured. Configuration is standardized and is by means of XML structures. To ensure good performance even with narrow bandwidths and if using simply equipped client PCs, the interface is designed purely on the basis of HTML. The use of Java Script is explicitly avoided.

Technical description:

The dialog functions comprise evaluation of the customer master and sales/turnover figures, arranged according to product and regional structures. The question of time is given special consideration; specifically, annual and quarterly comparisons are made.