Short description:

Improvement of the replication and backup procedure for the existing system. Possibility of setting up data reconciliation in parallel by manipulating the database's logOffsets. Introduction of an application server for allocating server-side and client-side tasks, including call back processing.


The necessary adjustments to the existing replication and backup processes and parallel data reconciliation are made using MS Visual C++. Data is stored on the local or decentralized side in a Sybase Adaptive Server 7 database.

Technical description:

In order to guarantee optimum customer service, data for existing customer contracts and data for the various services on offer needs to always be up-to-date, regardless of the location and type of customer contact (e.g. phone call in the agency, visit by representative to customer). One important foundation for this is a simple and fast data reconciliation system between local (e.g. notebook, PC), decentralized (e.g. agency network) and central (e.g. computer center) data storage systems. The necessary tasks therefore have to be distributed accordingly on the software and hardware sides.