Short description:

A concept for compliance with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and a template for generating ESG reports are being developed.


On January 1, 2023, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) came into force throughout the EU. It entails, that companies above a certain size must submit a three-part sustainability report (Environment, Social and Governance /ESG). The collection and evaluation of relevant data, as well as the creation of such a report should be possible via the developed tool.

Technical description:

For this project, the available information on ESG requirements must be classified and the relevant parts taken over. Initially, this is primarily information relevant to the environment, such as greenhouse gas emissions, but also to employees. Further relevant parts are to be determined via a materiality analysis. The data is loaded into a database in a standardized format, prepared there in an ETL process and made available for reports or exports. Part of the project is also the development of a Power BI dashboard to display the essential data.