Short description:

The customer is in the process of gradually moving all consulting tools for insurance agents to a cloud environment. In this project, the functional link between each consultation and all other applications is being reconceived, designed and implemented.


In order to ensure comprehensive and legally sound consulting, the client offers its representatives a variety of tools to enable an optimal consulting experience for the end customer. In particular, the central consulting software dealt with in this project has numerous interfaces to neighboring applications from the areas of data maintenance, pricing and service. The software will be redesigned from the ground up based on user surveys and implemented cloud-based (AWS). Although the project will initially focus on the German business, the software will be available internationally to other representative organizations as well. In addition, the European Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD), which has been in force for several years, is decisive for the basic design of a consultation and thus also for this application.

Technical description:

Updating the consulting software with regard to IDD is a prerequisite for the customer to be able to expand its position as market leader in accordance with European law. In this context, the developed consulting tool is the starting point for any future consulting. The new design and the improved user experience ensure a contemporary and modern appearance for the customer.