Short description:

The customer is developing a multichannel workflow management system based on different components to transform its complete customer processes into a digital system. This includes the integration of legacy systems as well as the creation of different interfaces with regards to incoming requests. The components used are a low code plattform and a cloud based service in conjunction with individually developed interfaces. PTA is responsible for the overall test management, the test conception as well as the improvement of the release processes.


The central components of this solution are a cloud based standard software, that is able to consume all incoming communication channels (email, fon, fax, chat) and to distribute it to the best available service accountant. The second component is a low code workflow management plattform that controls and steers the internal processes. Due to the fact, that the development of both components is performed by different service providers, a quality assurance is neccessary to ensure integration and component functionality. Focus on End-to-End processes and structuring the heterogenous test team are the main responsibilities of PTA in that project, while increasing the transparency on testing activities and effort tracked in Attlasian Jira.

Technical description:

Within the management of depots different processes are currently executed in different systems. Aim of the project is to unify the workflow and to integrate different systems into intuitive processes for the service accountants. The complexity of the different processes with regards to customer interactions as well as to internal activities and roles creates challenging tasks for the newly developed system.