Short description:

Within the scope of the project work, the requirements developed by the business analysis are implemented and messages from clerks are addressed. The requirements are implemented in Java. For research and analysis purposes, it is also necessary to perform SQL queries on productive and test databases.


For the daily work of the clerks it is important to manage and distribute the work material and to manage the incoming and outgoing documents. The work material is managed in so-called journals, of which there are separate versions for the various aspects of the insurance business (contracts, claims, persons, expert opinions, etc.). Documents are displayed in a tabular list and in a navigation bar in tree structure. The maintenance and further development of this tool is the task of PTA here.

Technical description:

Journals manage the work material for the clerks. Various aspects of the insurance business are covered. For example, there is the contract journal, claims journal, personal journal, expertise journal, and many more. In the 'Documents' area, the project includes the document list and document navigation as well as methods that are essential for document management, such as copying and moving, deleting, searching and filtering.