Short description:

As part of a diagnostic and sample distribution device that is on the market, PTA takes on the project management and is responsible for the planning, budgeting, implementation and acceptance of further development. To do this, the customer, internal departments and employees, external service providers and the device manufacturer must be taken into account and coordinated in an international environment.


In this project, PTA takes on all project management tasks and has a direct reporting obligation to the senior management of the customer. In contrast to pure software projects, the coordination of delivery and production times, the calculation of changing purchase prices and negotiations with suppliers are also central points.

Technical description:

The project serves the maintenance and further development of a device for laboratory automation and sample distribution. It is already on the international market and has been extremely successfully established with many end customers, resulting in various new requirements that must be evaluated and implemented or ruled out. Due to the longer lead and production times, there are significantly more factors to consider here than in products that only contain software