Short description:

A central data platform is developed for the provision of defined data from different source systems. The system is supplied in realtime with the current data from the source systems and provides specific data for consuming systems as services. The PTA employees support the conception and implementation of the project.


The core of the system is an In Memory Oracle database, which is supplied by both relational and non-relational database systems. Oracle Golden Gate is used for data transfer from relational databases. Non-relational databases are connected via streaming technologies (kafka). The preparation of the data for the target systems takes place in the form of database views at runtime, which ensures short response times. The Oracle Data Integrator is used to model and document the views. REST services are made available to consumer systems. The implementation takes place via Oracle REST Data Service (ORDS).

Technical description:

The task includes the conception and implementation of the system as well as the integration into the organizational processes of the company.