Short description:

Development and implementation of a web application with database connection for creating auditable license settlements for brand rights that are compliant with GoBD. The project involves the organizational concept by means of BPMN process modelling incl. recording of requirements, as well as the technical implementation and model-based tests of the application.


In workshops with the specialist department, the requirements on the application are analyzed and transferred into process sequences. The organizational processes including the organizational requirements are modelled in BPMN 2.0 with the Visual Paradigm modelling software. The technical implementation of the application is carried out as a server component in JAVA with web-based frontend as interface to the user in the Eclipse development environment. The server contains the processing logic, in particular the calculation rules relevant for creating the license settlement. The server is used for automated processing of workflow rules. The frontend development is implemented using a Tomcat Application Server. Connections to other systems such as SAP will be implemented further. Oracle SE12 is used as the database. The process models created during the phase of the organizational concept are used as the basic structure for the test cases which are set up in an automated way using an interface in HP ALM.

Technical description:

For its assortment, the customer has articles produced with external brands, for which license fees are settled with the relevant licenser of the brand. In order to guarantee the associated outline conditions which must be maintained, an MS Access-application is phased out in order to place the settlement process on a modern setting with room for future expansion and in compliance with GoBD. The application to be implemented is used for achieving an error-free, reliable and traceable creation of license settlements as well as for complying with statements towards the contractual partners.