The objective of this project is development of a module that enables automatic download and installation of software updates for the device software and data processing software of a medical analysis device. The module ensures that only compatible software versions can be installed and can be rolled back to valid versions in the event of a faulty update.


The software update module is programmed in C# .NET. The development process follows agile use of SCRUM. In addition to the new module, errors are removed from the existing data processing system and various detail improvements are made. The logic of the existing system is saved in PL/SQL to an Oracle database.


The system is designed for a high throughput and covers up to 15 million tests per annum. Device software and data processing system are separated from each other. The data processing system assumes the control and master functions and can be operated from any location. The data processing system provides secure access to remote maintenance and a module for automatic update to the device and data processing software. It also supports the evaluation of analysis results using a quality control module, archiving of audit-relevant data and system backup and restore.