Short description:

The focus of this project is the creation of a prototype for implementing the tasks of a transmission provider in the context of the Renewable Energy Sources Act of March 29th, 2000 (EEG), last amended on December 22nd, 2003.


The CLIENT acts as a transmission provider and essentially has the following responsibilities (in the future): Discharge and transmission of the energy quantities received by the distribution system operators Reimbursing the energy quantities received by the distribution system operators, minus the network usage fees avoided Recording the energy quantities received, trends over time and reimbursement payments made Horizontal adjustment: balancing energy received and reimbursements made with other transmission providers Proportionate transfer of the electricity received to power supply companies supplying end consumers Settling the electricity transferred to the power supply companies at the average prices identified as per the EEG Providing monthly advance payments on expected balancing reimbursement Publishing the energy quantities received and transferred