As part of its final examination in sales training, a major insurer is developing software that simulates the life of a fictional customer in the form of a map exercise. In this map exercise, participants sell the customer, played by the trainer, the best possible portfolio of insurance and financial products.


An SQLite database is installed for this purpose on the servers of each location; this database stores entries made by the sales trainers and participants. The application is implemented with Java 1.5 as a standalone application. Read and write access to the database is by means of the iBATIS framework. The MVC pattern implements the link between persistency and the user interfaces. Two different applications make the functions available to trainers and participants. The software uses the JExcel framework to write the results of the evaluations directly to Excel tables, where they are then displayed graphically by an Excel-based evaluation module.


The software supports participants in the map exercise with their sales of insurance and financial products, as well as the trainer in assessing participants and evaluating the simulation. This concerns the entire life of a fictitious customer, together with all the financial events and insurance cases. The entire flow of money is organized with the help of double-entry bookkeeping, which guarantees correct calculation of all balance sheets and financial statistics.