Short description:

For the next years a strategy for the development of a cloud based application landscape is needed. The strategy gives guidlines, defines the functional footprint for dedicated applications and tools and delivers a blue print for the architecture of the target landscape. All business stakholders using the applications need to buy into the strategy. The strategy serves the senior management as basis for future budget and project decisions.


The new capabilities of cloud platforms as MS-Azure is a key driver. The architecture decissions must support new cloud based tools and technologies as streaming, big data analytics and the flexible integration of SaaS Applications and integration of additional external data. Never the less saving of the value of established delivering chains and the internal knowledge is another important driver for success in the future. In several workshops with key users and IT experts the analysis delivers a concept for the future. Another important aspect for an approval is the flexibility of the strategy in order to consider new technologies and trading behaviours, which might come up in the near future.

Technical description:

Ideas from various departments such as trading systems, data management, ERP solutions and application departments on the use of new cloud-based services and the significance of existing applications are wraped up and consolidated in the strategy. The first requirements for the target architecture result from the processes to be supported, their further development dynamics and the compliance requirements. The developed target architecture and the development guidelines then define a framework in which the ideas can be implemented. An essential aspect of the guidelines is the assignment of responsibilities and implementation tasks. Budget allocation then follows the tasks assigned to each department.