Short description:

At the customer's premises, all mail accesses relating to the insurance business (letters, faxes, e-mails, web forms) are digitised and automatically forwarded to the specialist departments. This is done in several steps by means of a software system developed by the customer, which is continuously being further developed. Services will be adapted or newly developed for this purpose.


Various components of third-party software (e.g. e-mail server, scanner software, OCR, etc.) are integrated along the document path from receipt to delivery to the department. Since the system landscape is continuously adapted and modernized to the requirements, services and interfaces of the in-house development must also be adapted.

Technical description:

As part of this project, new OCR software will be integrated. For this purpose, incoming documents (e-mails and scanned documents) will be provided in the specified format via services. New scanner software will also be adapted in the course of this project. A new service will be developed for feeding the documents to the specialist departments, which will determine the destination of the documents on the basis of the analysis results of the OCR. Furthermore, the migration of the e-mail mailboxes from Lotus Notes to Microsoft Exchange is accompanied. Services in the OCR environment that are affected by the migration are adapted or even newly developed.