Short description:

The project concerns the digitization of processes centering on customer interaction. The focus is on services, that can be entirely consulting in nature as well as comprise the finalization of business deals. The key idea of the web-based consulting software is to combine video sequences with interactive control elements permitting the user to obtain specific information, services and conclusions of contract. On customer side the spectrum of possible applications is broad, currently including health insurance and care services (as in the present example) as well as other insurances, medical diagnostics, money investment and online banking. PTA supports the customer in terms of project management, business and process analysis, requirements engineering and software development.


The digital consulting assistant NEXOVI is implemented as an Angular application with a .Net Core back end, permitting the generation of individualized consulting processes. Video sequences in MP4 format are either shot in PTA s own studio or commissioned via a third party provider. As an alternative to live actors, artificial avatars can be used which can be commissioned via third party providers. Whereas Camunda is employed for process modelling, prototype generation and customer presentations are done using HTML, Powerpoint and Gimp.

Technical description:

Whereas direct customer interaction is the best, for most companies such a level of service is not possible on a 24 / 7 basis. This is where the digital consulting assistant comes into play, enabling companies to being there for their customers: around the clock, wherever and whenever the customers need it. By design the video consulting assistant offers customers personalized consulting services any time. Compared to website offering only video streams that cannot be steered beyond an On/Off level, the element of interactively controlling the video sequences bears the advantage of a better customer engagement with a feel of a more personal involvement tailored to individual needs and interests.