Short description:

An existing application for coordinating project tasks is imported to an MS Access 97 application.


A prototype is created as the basis for discussions with the specialist department. The new application is functionally based on the existing application; the data model and dialog control are completely redesigned and adjusted to the expanded options (e.g. printing out MS Word documents). The old data from the existing application is checked for plausibility and imported to the new data model. In the course of the support project, new requirements resulting from the customer's organization, such as changing the product component structure, are implemented.

Technical description:

Division of work. When power plants are constructed, some of the individual components are produced by the customer itself (e.g. turbines), other subtasks, such as infrastructural construction, are assigned to external partners (generally locally in the country in question). This application supports centralized coordination of the individual tasks and areas of responsibilities, as well as documentation. The application is used to create work documents with which the project partners can communicate.