Short description:

The customer's system landscape includes a large number of systems, from application, to polishing, bonus granting, commission calculation, up to transfer to the invoicing system. Each of these systems is extensively tested, but not the interaction of all systems. The main objective of this project is to develop and implement an effective concept for conducting end-to-end tests (E2E tests) across all the systems. This involves organizing and coordinating the tests in distributed teams and providing comprehensive documentation of the test results. The project helps the customer to minimize risks by identifying potential errors before the systems go live.


The E2E tests are performed by the teams responsible for them because they are experts in the corresponding systems. Each team has its own procedures and ways of working. The challenge here is to motivate the distributed teams to document test cases in a uniform manner, provide regular status updates to monitor and control the progress of the E2E tests. To document the test progress, parameterized test cases are created and executed in JIRA with extension Xray. This approach allows individual test components to be reused in different test cases to save time for other project activities.

Technical description:

The E2E tests make it possible to check the overall functionality of the entire system landscape by having all components and interfaces interact with each other. By using E2E tests, potential problems and weak points can be identified at the customer's in good time and it can be ensured that all systems function properly. This means that the customer benefits from a high-quality system landscape.