Short description:

The EDI connection of customers for receiving electronic orders as well as for sending electronic order confirmations, delivery notifications and invoices to support the e-commerce department of a paper merchant is realised. The EDI connection of customers for incoming and outgoing messages serves as an important step towards digitalisation in form of automation and consolidation of processes.


EDI orders are transmitted from buyer to seller (e.g. FTP, e-mail). In the middleware 'Lobster_data', customer-specific mappings (profiles) for the source format are set up in a uniform target format (IDoc ORDERS05). A profile called from there prepares the IDoc and transfers it to a web application via a web service. This triggers the data import into the target system SAP S/4HANA, where orders are automatically generated. Outgoing IDocs (ORDRSP, DESADV, INVOIC02) are transferred from SAP S/4HANA to the web application and transferred to 'Lobster_data' via web service. A Lobster profile receives the IDocs, checks them and converts them into a uniform, formatted IDoc format. An identifier in the IDoc is used to control which customer-specific profile is called. It generates the target format and transmits it to the buyer (e.g. FTP, e-mail). Main activities are interface coordination with e-commerce and technical implementation in 'Lobster_data'.

Technical description:

The work is carried out for the customer's IT department on behalf of the E-Commerce department. E-Commerce accompanies the EDI connections technically and organisationally to support their own sales as well as their end customers. The use of the tool 'Lobster_data' leads to a strong process standardisation and transfer of the received data to the middleware developed by the customer in structured form (IDoc). Within the web application, the IDocs are either automatically forwarded immediately after successful processing or stopped in the event of an error. Stopped IDocs can be checked and released manually. After importing the IDocs into SAP S/4HANA, they are checked again, created as an SAP order, if successful, or entered in an error list. From SAP S/4HANA via web application, the data to be sent (IDocs) is transferred to 'Lobster_data', where the outgoing EDI messages are generated and sent to the ordering parties in the expected target format (e.g. XML, EDIFACT).