Upgrading the active position manager (APM) from version 1.7.2 to version 3.x, including planning, specification, and deployment of a customer-specific APM package, installment of all underlying APM services, conception and implementation of an improved file and security privilege distribution system as well as the migration and testing of several position reports.


Due to the upgrade from Endur v8 to v11, the APM version 1.7.2 currently used by the customer can no longer be used. It should therefore be updated to a current version which is compatible with v11. As part of this sub-upgrade, the existing APM reports should be analyzed and improvements should determined against the backdrop of the possibilities of the new APM. For this purpose, a customer-specific APM package is to be specified and implemented. Moreover, the services underlying the APM should be restarted and optimized in terms of their performance. Furthermore, the enhanced access rights and file distribution processes made possible by the new APM will be analyzed for customer purposes and an appropriate concept developed. Then a number of previously used APM reports will be migrated to the new environment and tested.