Short description:

Currently Trayport is used as the main trading platform. In the future e*star will be offered as an alternative to the traders. For a smooth communication the master data of the customer has to be provided to the e*star platform and the trade information enriched with it has to be mapped to the downsteam ETRM systems. For this task the Fuse based middleware solution has to be documented, tested and extended. As a further step, the Fuse solution is to be replaced by Kaffka in order to enable high-performance algotrading.


Various trading platforms serve as input systems for the Trade Lifecycle. The goal of the project is to increasingly replace Trayport with e*star. In the future, the e*star solution should enable both the manual trading process and algo trading and also be able to cleanly separate internal and external trading transactions. To this end, a refactoring of the current e*star connection was carried out to prepare the interfaces for future enhancements. Subsequently, the migration of the FUSE implementation to a Kafka streaming architecture as well as the integration of new products is planned. PTA's tasks include coordinating requirements with the cross-functional algotrading development team, validating them with the middleware development team, and testing the solutions created in sprints.

Technical description:

An increase in the trading volume for various commodities is to be enabled within the scope of the project. PTA's product owner role for the middleware development team guarantees that the developed middleware solution is implemented according to the business requirements of the overall trading process. The E2E trading process includes both the algotrading and the trade lifecycle in the ETRM (Energy Trading Risk Management) system.