Short description:

Changeover of the data source from Access 97 to a Sybase database for an existing Access 97 application, taking account of changed data flows caused by the introduction of operation data collection.


In addition to simply replacing the data source, the application's database accesses are checked and the application is modified, if necessary, in order restore the status quo before the Sybase data source was used. Of the approximately 30 process steps, 11 are now filled in real time by data transfer from the operation data collection and are omitted in full or in part from manual entry. The application is modified accordingly. The evaluations in the application are largely unaffected by the changes. The areas of data transfer for operation data collection (BDE/EDE) and the Sybase database come from the GPA company.

Technical description:

The database is used to enter the history of engine blocks during production in various process steps, to track the engine blocks, for quality assurance and for complex evaluations. Data transfers from the operational data entry significantly reduces the amount of data that needs to be entered manually.