Short description:

For the cloud applications that are part of the digital transformation of the client's operational business, a unified platform for translating content and website text is to be developed. PTA is therefore developing a scalable and high-performance middleware solution that enables the integration of a third-party translation tool.


The software architecture designed by PTA includes a Vuejs plugin for front-end integration, a .NET-powered API/middleware, and connectivity to third-party provider In doing so, the API synchronizes daily with the Phrase API and caches strings translated by translators and developers in a CosmosDB database hosted in Azure Cloud. Any request from the frontend is then served by the API, which first reads the strings from the CosmosDB database. This separation of the frontends from the phrase API allows for a high-performance solution that does not require vendor lock-in at all, since in the event of a change of third-party vendor, only the middleware needs to be adapted centrally. The caching through the constant synchronization also preserves the quotas of the Phrase API and thus keeps any costs that may arise from the third-party provider low.

Technical description:

In general, content translation provides clear understanding in the customer's international environment. Until now, applications and content of those were translated in the applications themselves in the form of local JSON files. This very technical process should not only be simplified by a simple UI (third party) but also unified. Furthermore, translations, texts and content can now be changed without redeploying the frontend. Also, it is now possible for non-technical users to customize translations and texts.