Structuring a central credit risk management system on the basis of the Endur standard software for the subsidiaries of an energy group, focusing on the areas of data analysis, risk KPIs and connecting third-party systems.


Harmonization of the calculation of risk key figures (replacement of local solutions by group standards). Configuration of a completely new Endur instance: master data, market data, business structures, value-at-risk-data, formula scripts for risk key figures, interfaces for data import and export, reporting, end-of-day-processing, creation and administration of user roles, support of functional and technical test activities, go live support, creation of training documents, training, support.


The first approach for a German and English group subsidiary Analysis of group-wide mathematical concepts for risk key figure calculation, technical design, implementation of key figure calculation (value-at-risk calculation and derived customer-specific key figures) including for complex functional structures (e.g. multiple price ranges) as well as plausibility check of deviation compared to old systems of the individual companies.