Short description:

The client is already using the SIGNAVIO Process Manager to document his processes. Now some processes are supposed to be automated with a process engine. The Workflow Accelerator - also from SIGNAVIO - is taken into consideration. PTA evaluates its benefits together with the client's interested business divisions by implementing various use cases (release workflow for processes, replacement of an Excel work plan and error handling processes). In those areas where the use cases are convincing, the processes are modeled in BPMN 2.0 and automated within the Workflow Accelerator, tested and put into productive use. Both on-board elements (user task, e-mail task, decision making through gateways, etc.) and JavaScript tasks, in which the logic is stored within scripts, are used.


The SIGNAVIO Workflow Accelerator is a SaaS module that belongs to the SIGNAVIO Business Transformation Suite. The aim of this module is to make documented processes executable. The requirements are documented and discussed in workshops moderated by PTA. The same applies to the elaboration and refinement of the automated process steps. Initial drafts and problem analyses are created or carried out by PTA aside from the workshops. The partnership between PTA and SIGNAVIO provides a solid communication basis for solving bugs or applying best practice approaches. Processes are triggered either manually or by e-mail. These e-mails are generated by the client's existing systems (Linux) at defined times.

Technical description:

A great benefit of the Workflow Accelerator was identified in the IT area of the company. After the evaluation automated processes are introduced in this area. The focus is on the digitization of an Excel work plan, which is carried out daily. The Workflow Accelerator assigns due tasks to one or more persons in charge and ensures that sequential work steps are adhered to or, if possible, parallelized. In the background, the tool documents who carried out which task and when. Another example of use is the support of an error process in which the information collection is supported by the Workflow Accelerator. Depending on the information, the system uses a decision matrix, which is represented by JavaScript tasks, to decide to which service desk the error is to be assigned.