Short description:

The incoming document entry system processes mainly automated electronic documents and additionally a few paper invoices and performs plausibility checks of the invoice contents in comparison with data from adjacent systems. The documents are posted in SAP systems. The program also processes electronic delivery bills, which are transmitted by network operators to the customer as the supplier of energy.


During the further development of the incoming document entry system, current technical and functional challenges have to be mastered. This is done in consultation with the specialist department via database (SQL) or code changes (.Net C#) to the application. As a result of legal changes in energy trading on the German or Austrian market or adjustments to the adjacent internal systems with which this application communicates, further developments must be made on an ongoing basis. The Federal Association of the Energy and Water Industries is continuously developing the Edifact processes, of which those for network usage and metering point operation are relevant for the incoming document entry system.

Technical description:

Specifically, the following tasks are to be completed in the course of the project: Code optimization in the system, error analyses and development of possible solutions, implementation of solutions after consultation and approval by the customer, preparation of evaluations on the topics of booking, document processing and error frequency, data analyses and data corrections, checking of existing interfaces with regard to optimization and need for adaptation on the basis of new technical challenges or process adaptations, analysis of new processes of the BDEW and their effects on the system, conceptual design of system adaptations due to changed requirements of the specialist department, checks of adaptations in the energy market and their effects on the images in the system.