Short description:

The automation of test scenarios of an industry software (web and mobile app) implemented by PTA with the help of Selenium/Appium (project ID 5466) are maintained within the scope of this project in case of software changes. In addition, PTA implements new automated test scenarios in the event of technical extensions to the software.


The test scenarios include the interaction of a web application for order planning, transferring and processing the orders on a mobile device with final synchronisation of the captured data back into the web application. There, the transferred data is to be checked for completeness and correctness. The tests of these end-to-end scenarios are automated by PTA using a specially developed framework based on Selenium and Appium.

Technical description:

For the market area changeover from L-gas to H-gas, the customer, in its function as a network operator, uses various applications for planning and controlling the mobile service personnel in the field. The two- to three-week release cycles require efficient testing to ensure the quality of the software and thus a high level of user satisfaction.