Short description:

The metering point operator is responsible for the collection and distribution of energy data in the market. In addition to the role of metering point operator, the customer has the role of supplier and therefore also assumes its own data supply.


The market communication processes in the energy market are mapped by the customer's own systems, such as the internal master data application, the energy data information system and the control system (MaKo-Service). The energy data information system is supplied with the metering data (meter readings and energy quantities). Based on several meter readings, energy quantities are formed between these dates and sent in the market. For this purpose, the meter reading dates are determined and stored in the master data system. The MaKo service then uses these dates and the available meter readings to generate its own systems and the market. The different individual softwares are developed with .Net code and SQL databases.

Technical description:

The following subtasks arise in the project: Small concepts have to be created and the energy data information system has to be supplied with meter reading data and energy quantities. Furthermore, the mapping of meter reading dates is done depending on a new logic of the central master data application. The market requirements for the transmission of energy quantities are taken into account by specifying the underlying meter readings. This is followed by the partial implementation of the adjustments in Mako Service. Regular status meetings are held to coordinate the progress of the project, and support is offered for testing and successive go-live. This is followed by a handover to the customer's internal IT department for further support in day-to-day business and user training.