Short description:

The billing system is continuously developed to keep pace with changes in business and technical requirements. PTA has defined the technological implementation and designed the software architecture. For quality assurance, automated tests take place on the front and back end, including the use of a Sonarqube.


The frontend is based on Angular using Angular Material and Redux. The backend is based on openJDK with Java 11 and Spring Boot with Spring Security and Spring Cloud. Communication between the front-end and back-end takes place using REST services and JSON. In addition, many other components are in use, which make it possible to actively control the complexity of the application.

Technical description:

The application supports billing for the products redispatch, domestic and foreign grid reserve, capacity reserve and reactive power. In the case of redispatch, the task is to account for interventions in plant deployment initiated by transmission system operators in order to avoid or eliminate grid bottlenecks. In the case of the domestic grid reserve, the provision of reserve power plants is to be accounted for. In the case of foreign network reserves, complex contracts with power generators from other European countries are to be accounted for. The billing of capacity reserve plants is the main component of the capacity reserve product. The fifth product settles costs for reactive power.