Short description:

An existing intranet solution for displaying user-specific IT information (personal data and assigned IT resources) is to be expanded. The work is taking place in preparation for the company-wide introduction of the IT system.


The data basis is formed by the central personnel master (data storage of personal information), the central user administration (data storage of personal authorization information) and the CMDB (ITIL-compliant data storage of hardware and software resources). IT requests are to be created automatically from the tool by controlling SAP functionalities, and incidents are to be created in the IT service management system used.

Technical description:

By activating the tool for additional user groups, it is intended to make a significant contribution to ensuring/improving the quality of personal master data in the company or to pointing out potential savings in the use of IT resources. In addition, there is the possibility of uncovering potential security problems due to incorrectly assigned system authorizations.