In an international trading company, the central application for planning, controlling and reviewing advertising campaigns is being expanded to include new functionalities. In particular, support is implemented for promotions that last for longer periods of time. For this purpose, both the internal application structures have to be appropriately extended and specific reports have to be adapted or set up. Furthermore, the longer-term observation periods also make it possible to determine and evaluate new key figures.


The application is of strategic importance for the customer. It fits into the IT landscape via various interfaces. The application is an individual software that uses a customer-specific application framework. The company-specific business processes related to planning and the key performance indicator-based analysis of advertising campaigns are supported in a tailor-made manner. Accompanying the development, the requirements analysis, the design and the quality assurance including an extensive test management is carried out within the scope of the project.


The application supports the specialist departments of the national companies in all phases of business in planning and creating advertising campaigns. Functionalities for campaign planning, action planning, action controlling and subsequent analysis of completed advertising campaigns are provided. This also includes the provision of various reports for the department and management.