Short description:

Introduction and maintenance of an integrated F1 help for masks in a complex system for quotation calculation in the field of laboratory diagnostics. The software is used worldwide by a leading pharmaceutical company. There is a separate wiki page for the documentation of each mask, which the user can view in a separate window for the currently open view by clicking on the F1 key.


The quotation calculation is a complex and data-intensive process. The system offers the user a variety of options on more than 100 masks to design deals and to calculate, evaluate and optimize their profitability. For this purpose, users are now provided with ad hoc help via a mask. This includes the description of fields and the effects of data entry, but also references to data sources and possible reasons why expected data is not displayed. The display of formulas is useful for calculated fields. Documentation takes place in Confluence, so that users can use all the advantages of a wiki and authors can maintain the content separately from software development. There is a wiki page per mask. Links between masks and wiki pages can be configured by the system administrator in a database table. This allows the description to be adapted by country or language. The initial language version is English.

Technical description:

The quotation calculation supports the sale of diagnostic products for laboratories. Many specific imported data, input parameters and configuration settings are taken into account in order to calculate quantities and prices for laboratory equipment, reagents and other chemicals. After adjusting quantities and prices in order to achieve certain KPI values, the user starts the workflow for approval. The calculation data of the approved scenario are finally passed on to downstream systems for the preparation of offers. Due to the central position of the calculation tool in the quotation process, it is important that users avoid incorrect entries and that they can exploit the full potential of the application.