Short description:

Implementation of database procedures for extracting further balance sheet data (= factual data) from an existing system that is to be replaced. The data for extraction is to be imported to the new system.


Data is stored in a DB2 database in both the legacy system and the new system. The transfer to Oracle serves mainly to format the data from the legacy system for import to the new system. The necessary database procedures are implemented in PL/SQL with the help of PL/SQL Developer.

Technical description:

After migrating the settlement data for the cedents (see Migration of cedent figures, project ID 1453), the next step in replacing the legacy systems for creating balance sheets with new systems is to provide further balance-sheet-related information and figures (= factual figures). The new systems make it possible to create balance sheets that correspond to the requirements of the various different accounting standards. This includes, for example, the option of financial accounting as per the HGB (German Commercial Code) or US GAAP.