Short description:

In the context of a feasibility study, the project involves checking whether SAP R/3 MM can be used for the central automatic auditing of accounts. The source data for auditing is supplied from various enterprise resource planning systems.


The auditing of accounts is based on business cases from the business areas' enterprise resource planning systems (markets, agricultural products, raw goods, energy, technology). It is intended to rationalize processes that were previously supported with customer-developed applications on CICS, Cobol, VSAM and SAP R/2 RF.

Technical description:

The organizational processes in the cooperative, agriculturally-oriented company, which is active in the fields of retail and wholesale, energy, technology, agriculture and marketing raw materials, are to be standardized for clearing incoming invoices. In addition to commercial proficiency, it is therefore also important to have knowledge of agricultural sciences, pest control, mineral economics, commodity futures, and selling and repairing agricultural machinery, in particular.