Short description:

The KBV models 2, 4 and 13 are implemented as electronic prescriptions in the HL7 standard FHIR. The PTA plays a major role in the specification of the FHIR profiles and all other resources. With FHIR, interoperable standards for communication within the health care system can be specified in a timely manner.


The FHIR specifications are created with the common tool Forge. The FHIR registry simplifier.NET is used for publication. The FHIR specifications created go through the HL7 commenting process to be published as an official standard. The PTA is responsible for the implementation of the FHIR specifications and the creation of the associated FHIR implementation guides. In addition, the PTA serves as a technical expert in FHIR and advises various health insurance companies and other healthcare providers.

Technical description:

Specifications with the international standard FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) serve the interoperable exchange of information between healthcare providers. FHIR resources are profiled in order to map special use cases in the healthcare sector. The results are FHIR profiles.