Short description:

The application is a newly developed client/server application for supporting sales and distribution of service contracts. It uses preconfigured service package types to enable quick and easy pricing of the individual service contract.


The application is designed as a client/server architecture with the client implemented as a rich client in Java. The functional logic and data storage are on the server (mainframe) and are implemented in PL/1 and DB2. The client with the presentation logic is on a Citrix terminal server that is accessed by terminal. This avoids the software distribution problem on the client.

Technical description:

To support sales of services and service contracts and to fulfill the strategic goal of increasing turnover in this area, an application is needed to relieve sales and distribution employees from recurring pricing operations and that is easy to operate and therefore prevents errors in quotation preparation. This is achieved by preconfiguring the service packages centrally in one area of the application and then having the specific employee adjusting this configuration in the individual case.