Short description:

Design, evaluation and implementation of a technical architecture (J2EE, Ejb, EAI) as the basis for creating integrated individual solutions. Followed by redesign and implementation of an application for releasing and publishing fund prices in accordance with the legal requirements.


The project involves two sub-tasks: First, new architecture is defined to form the basis for all further individual developments in the area. This architecture is partly based on the use of an application server (Bea WebLogic) and partly on the use of a message broker for Enterprise Application integration (WebMethods). Applications are developed on the basis of EJB technology. The front ends are implemented as Java Swing applications. WebStart is used for distribution. The data is stored in a relational database (Oracle). Secondly, a specific application is implemented as a prototype on the basis of this architecture. This involves the release and publication of fund prices. In the context of this prototype, all the components of the new architecture are used.

Technical description:

Prices are defined each day for the customer's various funds and these prices are released for publication as per a legally prescribed method. The prices are published as text or Excel files in a format defined by the recipients (Reuters, etc.).