Short description:

The web portal for the project management and monitoring of customers in the energy industry has been further developed for around 15 years. The Windows service responsible for data organization is replacing more and more tasks that are currently still handled via integration services of the SQL server.


The development took place using the following tools/technologies: VisualStudio.NET 2022, MS-SqlServer, AzureDevOps Server, .NET 7 Framework (C#). SSIS should no longer be used and new automatic data modifications should rather be implemented in WindowsService.

Technical description:

WindowsService: The individual tasks are implemented as so-called workers. These can be parameterized via a configuration file and are usually called cyclically. A large part of the workers' tasks consists of querying gateways and other external systems with regard to measured values. These measured values are stored in a separate database and in some cases transferred to the web portal database via database jobs.