Short description:

An existing calculation core of an accident insurance with guaranteed premium refund, which is used to determine contract-specific data, is to be expanded with new functionality and maintained. PTA also supports administrative activities such as deployments, certificate provision and updates of the databases used.


The computing core is realised as a web service, which is deployed in a Docker container and can be addressed via SOAP requests. The main work of PTA is the implementation of new business logic, which is written in Java 9, as well as bug-fixing and restructuring of the existing code base. For the creation of the Docker image and the deployments of the computational core, use is made of an already existing infrastructure (Git projects, Jenkins jobs), which the PTA was involved in implementing (project ID 5044). Furthermore, the PTA ensures the correct invocation of the computing kernel, since the data provision and conversion into the XML payload of the SOAP request from the client software of the computing kernel are also part of the implementation activities of the project.

Technical description:

The web service is called by clerks via the client's client software and has the task of determining all parameters such as actuarial reserves, amount of premiums, repayment claims, etc. for the transferred data.