Short description:

Based on the booking processes already implemented for a client in Germany, the processes are also automated for a client in Austria for an energy trading company. For this purpose, the central application for mapping the business processes is extended so that the bookings are generated internally and then transferred to the ERP system. In addition to the implementation of the posting processes, the master data exchange must also be adapted so that all posting-relevant data is available. A different posting scheme for the client in Austria requires a differentiation when transferring the postings to the ERP system.


The master data system is an internal .NET solution with an MS SQL Server connection and a BizTalk communication interface to the ERP systems, in which all booking processes take place. Various internal systems are affected by the changes in the booking process, so the inter-system communication is adapted. New master data interfaces to the ERP system provide an almost constant flow of data for reconciling the two systems. This master data provides the basis for the correct processing of booking-relevant data.

Technical description:

By automating the booking processes of energy and service invoices as well as budget billing payments, accruals, etc., the susceptibility to errors and the time required are significantly reduced. The bookings are automatically transferred to the ERP system after generation. A document is generated for each booking made, which is linked to the associated booking in both the internal system and the ERP system.