Short description:

As part of the implementation of another ERP system at the parent company, further posting processes and specific company codes of another client have to be redirected. For this purpose, the central application for mapping the business processes of an energy trading company is also extended for the further client to the effect that postings for individual company codes of the group sisters are generated from an individual date with the master data relevant for the new ERP system and are also sent to this.


The master data system is an internal .NET solution with MS SQL Server connection and a BizTalk communication interface to the ERP systems, in which all booking processes take place. Various internal systems are affected by the changeover to another ERP system, so that the inter-system communication is adapted. Based on the company code, the relevant ERP system must be determined in each case, both in the posting process and in the master data exchange, and communication must be controlled accordingly. The relevant documents must be linked for the converted company codes in both ERP systems. On one system with the posting in the company code of the company and on the other system with the posting in the company code of the group sisters.

Technical description:

The aim of converting to a new ERP system is to achieve a uniform and standardized structure for business processes in accounting. By minimizing process variants, a reduction in process and IT costs is to be achieved. The freed-up capacities are to be used to exploit the potential of new functionalities in the ERP system. To ensure a smooth transition, both systems will initially be operated in parallel and the companies will be migrated to the new system in several stages. It is therefore necessary for the energy trading company's in-house system to be able to recognize the relevant ERP system in each case on the basis of the company code for both incoming and outgoing communication and to control the processes accordingly.